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At Good Measure Consulting, we believe that the effective use of statistics depends on knowing the difference between theory and practicality - or in other words developing what works on paper to what works best in real-life situations. As a result, we are adept not only at finding the answers through data analysis - but at developing those answers to work within your organization’s framework. In addition, while some statistical experts may simply recommend “a better idea”, our experienced staff will roll up their sleeves and follow through on our solutions to make sure that “better idea” will actually work. Call us today or go to our contact us section for your free assessment.


Good Measure combines the principles of Quality Management with the disciplines of project management when approaching business opportunities. We embrace Six Sigma approaches, specifically outlined by the ASQ and Quality Council of Indiana in "The Certified Six Sigma Black Belt Primer". We also follow the project management discipline supported by The Project Management Institute.


At Good Measure Consulting, our analysis begins by assessing the urgency of your needs, and placing them into one of three categories:

Nature and scope of problem/opportunity Service Benefits
Urgent Fast Response
  • Stop the bleeding
  • Find out where you are fast
  • Make informed decisions
Medium Project
  • ROI
  • Measurement tools and databases
  • Kickstart your Quality Management Program
Proactive Program
  • A measurement culture that yields continuous improvement

For further information about the standards we follow, visit these websites:

Quality Council of Indiana

American Society for Quality

ASQ Canada - Toronto Section 0402

Project Management Institute

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